Bella Swan (bellaswansong) wrote in welcometoforks,
Bella Swan

Bella's birthday! ( Open to Cullens )

Location: Edward's Volvo/The Cullen Residence
Characters: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Rosalie Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale

"Edward, where are we going?"

Bella prompted for the third time, as she reached up a hand to remove the handkerchief that had been tied around her head by Edward as they were leaving school. She was forced to hold on to his shoulders and let him lead the way to the Volvo, and help sit her down; there was a limit to ambiguity, though, and Bella was starting to grow apprehensive. Charlie would allow her certain liberties on her birthday, but not enough to explain why she'd been kidnapped by a vampire and could never come home again. Right now, Edward was capable of anything.

Admittedly, there was a small thrill to it that fluttered Bella's stomach. She made him swear against any parties, or extravagant presents, so she certainly didn't fear ending up at the Cullens for some surprise bash; it must be something special, she told herself. It must be something that Edward wanted to reveal in a timely fashion. So she kept her questioning at a minimum, careful to keep any nagging out of her tone, and shifted against the soft leather of the Volvo.

The handkerchief was starting to irritate her, and as much as she wanted to let him have his fun, Bella couldn't keep her eyes covered forever.

"Would you please take this thing off me?" She turned her head in the direction she assumed him to be, although the walk had disoriented her, so she might as well have been staring out the window and talking to the blurred images speeding past. The impatience had become slightly evident in her voice now. Come on already!
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