March 11th, 2008

Update 2.0!

Now all we need are Emmett and Jasper, but for purposes of getting this RP started I think I'm going to start at least one thread today.

However, everyone feel free to advertise this community anywhere you can think of. The more people we have the better! And, remember, we're looking specifically for Emmett and Jasper. For some reason it's so hard to find boys. >.> But anyway, yes, be on the lookout for a thread today, and if you want to start one yourself feel free. Just use the typical format, with characters involved, setting, and whatever else you feel is necessary.

Also -- any of you good with lj formats? This one is kind of boring. xD

Its school time again [Open to all]

[Open to all, setting is Forks High school. Since it is fall, it is time for school to start up again.]

The start of fall. Everyone knows what that signals, the start of a new school year. And I was in no rush to start it. I glared at the clock, and its luminescent neon green numbers. Yeah yeah, I’m already up. I thought as I walked down the stairs from the attic. I dressed at Vampire speed and met Mick in the kitchen. We talked for a little, while I ‘ate’ my breakfast, a warmed up glass of blood. After that I gathered up my school supplies, and walked outside to the 1950’s Mercedes Benz that waited, stalled in the driveway.

It took us 15 minutes to get the school, only because Mick drove at the speed limit. He dropped me off at the front office, and I went in to collect my schedule and a map of the school. But from the looks of things so far, I wouldn’t be needing it.
“Hello?” I said as I walked into the office. Only to be met by a red headed woman. “My name is Holly St. John; I’m here to get my schedule. I’m new here this year..”
“Oh! Yes, I have your schedule and a map of the school right here, miss.” She said as she handed the papers to me. “Have a nice day, dear.”

Yeah… right as if I could have a nice day in school. School and I didn’t get along exactly. In LA, my attendance record was spotty, due to the high amounts of sunlight there. Don’t get me wrong, I can be in the sun without bursting into flame. What a stupid myth. I thought again. Though extended periods of time in the sun would kill me then, I doubt it would in this little damp, rainy town. I studied the map for a moment, and then looked over my list of classes.
I was still relatively early, here before most of the student body had arrived. Now they were all starting to flock in, like birds attracted to a bird feeder. I walked over to the little bench that sat just outside my first period class, English. Waiting for the bell to ring.
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