Bella Swan (bellaswansong) wrote in welcometoforks,
Bella Swan

Rules/Try outs

The rules are very basic, and they will be posted in the bio section also. If these rules are broken I'll have to send little internet gnomes after you. Tremble with fear.

1. No god-moding.

2. Do not start OOC drama unless you have a specifically good reason to, in which case keep it OFF the community. Bitch it out on IM for all I care. Just don't poison the drinking welllllll!

3. If there's a conflict over who gets what character, I don't know how to decide. So, avoid having such a conflict.

4. In order for this community to survive, we'll need consistent activity, so make sure that you have computer access at least four times a week, and not just for ten minutes at a time. Most people on lj as it is don't have this problem, so I don't see this becoming an issue. Unless people just abandon it. -_-' in which case I'll still have to send my internet gnomes after you.

5. I realize the book addresses some adult issues, like vampirism (I suppose that's considered 'adult'), so I'm not against other adult content following through. But please, no drunken sex, no cigarette smoking unless it fits your character, and no extreme vulgarity unless, once again, it fits your character.

6. Following that, STICK TO CHARACTER. Please! Please please please! And, if you'd like the sexual orientation of character to be altered from canon, clear it with me first.

If you've persevered through all that, I'm sure this form will be a joke. xD

OOC Name / What should we call you?:
Character desired:
Age (only if under 14 and over 25):
AIM / Yahoo / MSN (at least one is required):
Sample post of your desired character:

I'll check back as frequent as possible so there's no long delay for anyone.
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